What Size of Marquee Dance Floor do I Need for my Party?

By 6th April 2017News
marquee dance floor

What Size of Dance Floor do I Need for my Marquee Party?

If you are planning a wedding or party you will have a choice between marquee dance floor sizes.

Obviously you will want plenty of room for your guests to party and dance.  However, the larger the dance floor the bigger the budget. The key thing with planning and paying for a perfect size dance floor for your marquee is giving your guests enough room but keeping the costs under control. It can be easy to overplan and overestimate what size you will require.

The rule of thumb to use when deciding the size of marquee dance floor you require is to allow for approximately one third of your guests to be dancing at any time.

It is common for customers to enquire about hiring a dance floor a lot bigger than is needed and it can be an unnecessary cost. We can suggest the best sizes to suit your guests to save you hiring a dance floor too small or paying for a dance floor that is too big.

Here is a rough guide for the dance floor size you need:

No of GuestsSize of Dance Floor
6010ft x 10ft
10012ft x 12ft
15015ft x 15ft
20018ft x 18ft